Online Shopping

Glen Carriers can RECEIVE & SEND ITEMS on your behalf

We will act as your professional handler throughout the shopping process and shipment to Sri Lanka.

We are pleased to offer an optimised service wherein Glen Carriers can receive products on your behalf in the UK and the EU to be shipped through our UK warehouse on to the Sri Lankan destinations that we serve.

This is really incredible for people who wants goods from UK Shops. You may purchase goods from UK stores online like M & S, John Lewis, Currys, Apple, Amazon UK or any other store and provide our Warehouse address, on receipt of the goods, we will inform you and will arrange its shipment under our packaging to Sri Lanka.

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Online Shopping Process

How it Works

Send us the following details:

  • Your Full Name
  • Email
  • Contact Number
  • Product Receipts
  • Website of the store and link of the item

If you have multiple items from different stores, we will send it together, unless you want the individual items separately and / or urgently.

The Advantages

Many online retailers offer free shipping to the UK (subject to their terms), we can use that to save the UK shipping costs, from here our charges are only on the forwarding to your destination in Sri Lanka, which we are always competitive.

You can purchase it from anywhere in the world and still take advantage of one of the best markets in the World, with plenty of online stores and shops you will not find it difficult to get the products you desire.

You just need to send us the product receipt as above and we will do the rest, shipping is our responsibility.

Cargo Pickup

We also offer pick up of your cargo from any location in the United Kingdom and bring it to our storage facility in London. We can hold your freight for other items, boxes or items and facilitate the shipment of them all at one time or ship them as you need them to be sent.


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